(Frequently asked questions)

1. I intend to give birth in Austria. I would like to get information on amount of reimbursement which is the insurance company, I am insured with, obliged to reimburse me. At the same time, I would like to get know what forms, requests and documents I am obliged to submit or fill in and when  (before giving birth)?   
Scheduled delivery is not included in the list for cross-border healthcare subject to prior authorization by the competent health insurance company. 
The competent health insurance company in the Slovak Republic (hereinafter "SR") reimburses the costs for cross-border healthcare if the healthcare is among benefits covered by the public health insurance system in the Slovak Republic.. 
Procedure to be followed by the insured person and the documents needed to be submitted to the competent health insurance company while applying for reimbursement of costs is laid down by the Article 10 of the Law 580/2004 as amended. 
The application is to be submitted to the competent health insurance company within 6 months deadline from the end of provision of the cross-border healthcare. Original document on payment, medical report/report on healthcare being provided, original document listing provided medical procedures as an invoice, bill for medical procedures, prescription for medicines or medical devices is to be enclosed to the application for reimbursement. 
2. Procedure to be followed by the insured person in order to get the reimbursement of costs incurred when receiving the cross-border healthcare. 
The transposition of the Directive 2011/24/EU on application of patientsʹ rights in cross-border healthcare by the Slovak Republic was brought into force as from 01.10.2013. Rights and obligations of the insured person as well as the health insurance company in cross-border healthcare are stipulated particularly in Articles 9d, 9e, 9f, 10 of the Law 580/2004 on health insurance as amended (hereinafter "Law 580/2004"). 
The insured person has right to be reimbursed in tariffs of the Slovak Republic for costs of cross-border healthcare provided in another EU Member State by a healthcare provider, regardless the healthcare provider is financed by the public system or not, if the healthcare is among the benefits covered by the public health insurance system, 
The amount reimbursed for the costs of cross-border healthcare is defined under the Article 9 (10) of the Law 580/2004 as average price for each medical procedure in force at the time of provision of healthcare that the health insurance company has agreed on with the healthcare providers with whom the health insurance company has a contract for provision of healthcare, and who provide the same healthcare as that provided to the insured person in another EU Member State. 
3. If I undergo an in vitro fertilization in the Czech Republic and medicine is dispensed in pharmacy in Slovakia, am I entitled to reimbursement for the medicine?
In general, it can be said that the EU Member States recognize prescriptions from another Member State. The rules for reimbursement are not affected by the mutual recognition of prescription. 
If you are insured with one out of the Slovak health insurance companies, you have residence in the Slovak Republic and your competent health insurance company has granted you a prior authorization for assisted reproduction in the Czech Republic, you are entitled to be reimbursed for costs for medicine under the legal provisions of the Slovak Republic. 
4. Is it possible to ask for information at NCP site (National Contact Point site) in foreign language? When will be your web also available in English? 
Information on cross-border healthcare may be asked for in each EU Member State official language. However, the reply to the request for information on cross-border health care will be provided by the Health Care Surveillance Authority in the Slovak language possibly in English. As regards, the information on cross-border healthcare published at NCP site, it is also available in English.